March 15, 2009

I made My own cheese!!

The other day I made my own cheese.
It was so yummy and easy..
I used this recipie and It was a sucess. All it took was some milk ,vinegar and time. Just like cream cheese, and you can flavor it with herbs too!!


March 8, 2009

I love this song

I love this song, and just wanted to share it with everyone!!

March 5, 2009

I have found a new love

Well no not really, but I have found a new favorite store. Lush they sell all kinds of beauty products that are:
A) All natural ingredients using Minimal Preservatives.
B) Made by Hand
c) All the ingredients are bought fair trade or from co-ops and are organic

Oh and they don't test on animals, Plus they smell so good mmmmmm.

I don't use a lot of beauty products, I don't wear make-up and follow a minimal routine in the morning as in I like my sleep. I do feel that we should choose carefully about the products we do put on our skin though (our skin is our largest organ) because it is exposed to enough bad things in the environment.

So I have found a new love, so far I have bought shampoo, shaving cream, deodorant, a bubble bath bar, face wash and a face mask. I also have lots of samples because they give me samples every time I go. A store that still gives samples AMAZING!!
The only thing I don't love is the deodorant (I think it is to strong, next time I will try the cream,)

So any way if there is a Lush near you, you should totally check it out!!!

February 22, 2009

I'm done with winter

I am done with winter. I want it to be spring.... now.
I have looked through all of my gardening books , made my seed list, and now I just want it to be spring.

Not to mention that I am sick of wearing a coat and I am sick of -20 C weather.

February 4, 2009

I think I need a kick in the butt.....

Because it has been so long since I have written anything.....

I just have been really busy.....but doing what I just don't know.

I went to a bridal show last weekend, it was just a small one because I don't deal well with crowds, especially crazy engaged woman, and they are, apparently a whole different breed. Normally calm, cool and collected woman turn in to monsters and that is not even talking about their mothers. So needless to say I didn't go to the bridal fantasy show. I decided to go to the welcome wagon bridal show because a) It was free and b) it was just down the street from my house.
The exciting this is I ............
That’s right I won one of the door prizes. I didn't enter many of the draws because most of the services I wouldn't have used any way so I thought I would leave them for others that wanted them. SO anyway from ETHOS bridal I won..... A tiara!!! A $125.00 tiara. Now I wasn't even going to wear one but..I am now!!
I also told everyone I was going to wear it around the house and they needed to call me princess but that is another story ;)

I would post a pic of it but I am at work on my lunch break (which now has two mins left :( )
so I should go !!
Bye for now

January 29, 2009

Happy Thursday!!!

Well I just noticed that it has been over a week and I haven't blogged anything.
I guess I've been really busy.
So I just wanted to drop a line to say


January 14, 2009

Cold, Snow, Turning 26 and other randomness:

This past week was my birthday- I turned 26, now I know that 26 is young in the big scheme of things but I realized that my life right now is totally different then what I thought it would be when I was 15, a good different but different still. Which makes me think of the saying “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”

Speaking of my birthday I got a Wii, Wahoooo!!!!! Now I need to jump on the wii bandwagon and get a wii fit, but everywhere appears to be sold outL. Oh well I will get it sometime. For now I can just play Mario!!!

In other news I found THE DRESS, that’s right, THE Dress.
Being as we need to hike in for 20 minutes to arrive at the wedding location I’m not too sure if its practical but it is THE dress so I’ll work something out. Now I need to go to a tailor and get measured….back to that wii fit…….

We are also going to our wilderness survival course this weekend, I am very excited about. Hopefully I will learn lots and lots of things. The things covered are “survival physiology, survival psychology, clothing, fire lighting, shelter building, emergency signals, survival equipment, critical survival items, and preparation” I will need to bring lots of paper so I can take notes!! Here’s the link to the course .

Tonight is girls night with some of my work friends, we are ordering pizza and playing board games! It should be fun.
I should put an end to my blabbering so,
bye for now